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Ahmedabad Places to Visit 2019

Ahmedabad Places to Visit

Ahmedabad: Top places for Culture Exploration If you ever find yourself planning to visit India, you may want to add this place to your itinerary. As one of the fastest growing cities in India, this place a growing commercial hub still filled with India’s cultural signature. 


Ahmedabad Places to Visit

There are many prime tourist spots to visit here, though many locals would suggest that you visit during the major festival events, or during the winter time when the monsoon food specialties can be availed on the roadside.

Historic Sites

#01 – Gandhi Aashram

Founded by Mahatma Gandhi himself in 1915, this is the place where he started his well known “Dandi March” against the British Salt Tax in 1930. The three wise monkeys and many of Gandhi’s other teachings can be observed in the location. This place also houses a handicraft shop and a spinning wheel factory.

#02 – Hathisingh Jain Temple

Filled with walls and structures of finely carved marble, this temple was built in honor of Dharmanath, the 15th Jain apostle. Intricated carvings, displays, and music fill the halls, as with any other Jain temple in the country.

#03 – Jama Masjid

This stands as one of the most well-known structures in the city. Standing in this area is an ancient mosque built from yellow sandstone. It stands right at the center of the old city. This structure showcases the Muslim roots of the city, as it was built in 1423.

#04 – JhultaMinara

Noted as a very unusual structure, the JhultaMinara can be moved by applying force at the topmost arch. It is partly destroyed though, due to an English colonist wanting to decode the mystery of how the structure works. Also dubbed as the “swaying minarets,” this is a curious feat of architecture still puzzling most builders of today.

#05 – Kankaria Lake

A circular, man-made lake built in 1451, this area hosts a beautiful fountain show full of lights and waterworks. On the center of the lake lies a garden and a summer palace known as Nagina Wadi. It also boasts an aquarium, a natural history museum, and a zoo.

Modern Things to Do 

#01 – Sunset Drive-In Cinema or Mukta A2 Cinema

India is well known for its Bollywood films. If you want to take the cheaper option, Sunset Drive-In Cinema could be the entertainment you need for a night or two. Take a rented car, perhaps, or bring a picnic basket and enjoy the film the old way. Mukta A2 Cinema, on the other hand, is another fancy way to go. If you prefer better legroom, viewing quality and audio, this is the venue for you.

#02 – Teen Darwaja, Dhalgarwad, Ratan Pole, Manek Chowk, or CG Road and Sarkhej

Shopping is one thing you need to do in Ahmedabad. Known for its textile wares such as traditionally hand embroidered fabric and tie-dyed clothes, be prepared to come home with a new shawl or two. Haggling for fabrics on the roadside should be done with the help of a guide. Some shops sell local sweets, so don’t forget to use your toothbrush after every candy haul.

#03 – Sabarmati Skyline Tour

An activity that is not for the faint-hearted, you can also opt to zipline across the Sabarmati River. With a length of about 350 meters and with 6 meters above water level, you can raise your endorphins to your heart’s desire.

#04 – Silver Centre by Sangeeta Boochra

Established by the leading designer for jewelry in the country, you can find all types of ornaments for you or for your friends back home. Do you like tribal or contemporary? Whatever you fancy, all is here. Made by artisans who are given a marketplace for their work, you can be assured that every piece is unique to itself, and quality can be assured.

Places to See in Ahmedabad 2019

Places to visit in Ahmedabad –  Ahmedabad is the largest city in India and it is located on the western part of India and greatly known for its amazing tourist sites.

Places to See in Ahmedabad


The Lakes

01# – Thor Lake

With magnificent scenery, Thor Lake is a haven for bird watchers spotting up to 200 species of the bird family. It is located 30km away from the city, surrounded by farmland making it perfect sanctuary for birds. It is an absolute gateway from the hustle and bustle of city life due to its quiet nature. The best times to visit are February and November.#

#02 – Vastrapur Lake

The lake is majorly known for its surroundings of green lawn which plays host to various colorful cultural events. The grounds provide a great place for picnics while the water provides ample boating activities. It is located on the western part of Ahmedabad.

The museums and Monuments

#03 – Calico Museum of textiles

One of the notable tourist attraction sites is Calico museum of textiles. It boasts a collection of fine fabric from across India that exemplifies the handicraft textiles spanning over a period of five centuries. Scholars from all around the globe come to study the colors and patterns of the textiles which were originally collected as a symbol of preserving the Indian textile heritage.

#04 – Dada Hari Ni Vav

Dada Hari Ni Vav is a step-well. Named after the ruler of the time about 500 years ago, this monument was formed not only as a water storage facility but aΩs a resting place for travelers. It has seven stories spotting beautiful structures, floral sculptures and ancient wall carvings which are light up with the sun. Though it may be difficult to locate, the vision it provides is worth the journey and wait.

#05 – Kite Museum

What is a family vacation without the thought of children? The kite Museum in Ahmedabad acts as a delight for Children. Although not prominently known, this museum is a home to various kites from around the globe. Established in 1985, the Kite museum has played host to the international kite festival for several years.

Religious sites

06# – Swaminarayan Mandir Ahmedabad Temple

This is the first temple to be constructed by Swaminarayan in 1822 in a 5000 acres land which was gifted by the British. It was carved using Burmese teakwood. The temple has beautiful scenery and landscapes and also contains a museum which holds the history of the temple.

07# – Rani Sipri Mosque

It was constructed by Rani Sipri in 1514 as a memorial for her executed son who was killed by the father, the then emperor due to the misdemeanor. It is known for the intertwining of both Hindu and Islam religion as the husband was Muslim and Rani Hindu. The mosque is also known as the jewel of a mosque because of its well-executed and graceful design. These are just but some of the places you can visit out of the many in Ahmedabad which is a tourist hub with many attraction sites that offer not only beautiful relaxing sceneries but also a learning experience.

Things to Do in Ahmedabad 2019

Things to Do in Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad is a place of beautiful landscape and sceneries which holds a lot of mysterious histories of ancient India. Ahmedabad is a centre of tourism and beautiful attractions; a place that even if you are visiting for the first time you would have to visit over and over again just because it is known to be the largest and most famous city in Gujarat and has packaged a lot of surprises for anyone on tour.

Things to Do in Ahmedabad

Here I would be sharing with you things you need to do in Ahmedabad that will leave an unforgettable extraordinary experience in your mind.

#01 – A Visit to Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

Akshardham is a Hindu temple that is located on the banks of river Yamuna in Ahmedabad. It is a spiritual centre that is marvelous for exploring, sightseeing and pilgrimage. Every area in the temple has something to thrill a local, visitor or tourist.

The temple is made with high-quality carving and beautiful architecture; the temple and its parts are locked with ancient secrets of architectural design from the year of 1781 to 1830 until 1900. The attraction of the temple is as a result of the beautiful decorated carved statues of dancers, fauna, deities, flora and a lot more.

The stones that were used in building the temple are pink colouredRajesthiam sandstones and Italian Carrera marble giving it a firm and solid structure with a lot of aesthetic beauty. The temple has 9 domes, 234 pillars, 2000 deity statues and they are about 148 life-sized elephant statues having the weight of 3000 tons.

Entry fee: The temple has two parts – one part of the complex is free while the other is paid. Entering the main temple is free for anyone but the areas that reveal the life of Swaminarayan, its historical achievement and aspect of India history will require you to buy a ticket ranging from 100 to 170 according to your age or social status.

The temple opens 9:30 am and closes 6:30 pm each day. The best time to visit is during working days and not holidays. During the late afternoons, you will have enough time to explore all the attractions and be able to attend the musical fountain show at the right time.

#02 – A Tour to Law Garden

You can’t proudly say that you had a completed visit to Ahmedabad city without taking a tour of the Law Garden. The law garden has a lot to offer you for shopping and enjoyment. It is a. Amazing place to shop your Gujarat dress material with a lot of bargaining of about 50 percent. This market is famous for night shopping where you can purchase a lot of things at a reasonable and cheap price.

It has a good and lovely environment which comprise a shopping area, kids play area and food court type area. It mostly attracts great locality and a decent crowd at night shopping.

In all, it is the main place to buy your traditional Gujrat such as mojris, dupattas, chaniya, Gujarati,  suits, jewelry and many more. You would find a lot of shops on the street for foodies with varieties ranging from south Indian to Chinese, and from starter to the main course.

#03 – A visit to Adelaj stepwell

Have you ever seen a beautiful step well before? If you are in Ahmadabad or planning a visit to Ahmadabad, I recommend you to visit Adalaj Step-well so you will see for yourself what you will live to remember. I tell you that what you will see will be very fascinating that you will keep on recommending and telling others about your beautiful experience.

Although, there are other step-wells that were built in Gujarat from 5th century to 19th-century and Adalaj Step-well emerge to be the most famous and popular one.

After you have tours through these places you can say anywhere that you had a great experience in Ahmedabad and they would all enjoy your story. Finally, I promise you will come back!

Tourist Places in Ahmedabad 2019

Tourist Places in Ahmedabad

Tourist places near Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad is the perfect place for you to visit and enjoy the different events that are held here. If you want to see that natural beauty or different culture and sports you must visit that place. Ahmedabad is the capital of Indian state Gujarat.

#01 – Adalaj Stepwell

Adalaj Stepwell is constructed by Rana Veer Sinh in 1498. The attractive thing is that it has great work of architecture, which is made of carved sandstone. It is designed in such a way that it gets the attraction of visitors.

It is an old heritage which represents the culture of that time. Their wall is constructed in such a way that it is the reflection of past construction you are architecture lover you must visit that place, it will fascinate is designed of Solanki architectural style which looks marvelous to the visitors.

#02 – Zanzari Waterfall

It is a beautiful hidden tourist place in Ahmedabad. If you want to visit India, you must visit that place. It is the best place for the monsoon season. The waterfall is not too high, but it looks beautiful when water comes down.

Because it is a little far you would take the camel ride to go there. Because it is, villages are the people here are very friendly.

#03 – Shanku’s Water Park and Resort 55

This park is a very good place for swimming as if you have a fear of rivers. If you are trying to eating normal food. Here there is a restaurant which offers fast food for you.

It is an ideal place if you are with your family you would easily live here with peace. There is not any burden of the population here. You may have an exciting time with your friends.

#04 – Royal Safari Camp

If you have the guts of adventure and you love wildlife, you must come over here. This place is exactly for your desire for camping and sees many animals and lakes.

It has all the facilities for you. It provides you complete safety. You could easily see the beauty of nature. There is no building here you would have the complete look of the sky. At night there is a fabulous view.

#05 – Vijay Nagar

If you want to see the forest area and want to do some adventure, you just come into exact place. It is beautiful forest area little far from Ahmedabad but it is the center of attraction.

This place is covered by beautiful mountains and trees, it looks like this has the green curtain. There are lakes around it which enhances the beauty if this place. The best time to visit this place is the polo festival. It is not just to see you can also participate.

#06 – Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

If you are the bird lover, there are many migrating birds over here which enhance the beauty of this place there are almost 200 types of birds. Thousands of birds come in winter and summer. It is best to place for the wild bird.

If you are in India you must visit these places. There will be a great adventure for you. These are the best places for your weekend vacations.

Sabarmati Ashram 2019

Sabarmati Ashram (also known as Gandhi Ashram, Harijan Ashram, or Satyagraha Ashram) is located in the Sabarmati suburb of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, adjoining the Ashram Road, on the banks of the River Sabarmati, four miles from the town hall. This was one of the residences of Mahatma Gandhi who lived there for about twelve years along with his wife Kasturba Gandhi. Every day Bhagavad Gita was recited here

Sabarmati Ashram

It was from his base here that Gandhi led the Dandi march also known as the Salt Satyagraha on 12 March 1930. In recognition of the significant influence that this march had on the Indian independence movement, the Indian government has established the ashram as a national monument.

Gandhiji’s India ashram was originally established at the Kocharab Bungalow of Jivanlal Desai, a barrister, and friend of Gandhi, on 25 May 1915. At that time the ashram was called the Satyagraha Ashram. But Gandhi wanted to carry out various activities such as farming and animal husbandry, in addition to other pursuits which called for the need of a much larger area of usable land. So two years later, on 17 June 1917, the ashram was relocated to an area of thirty-six acres on the banks of the river Sabarmati, and it came to be known as the Sabarmati Ashram.

It is believed that this is one of the ancient ashram sites of Dadhichi Rishi who had donated his bones for a righteous war. His main ashram lies in Naimisharanya, near Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The Sabarmati ashram is sited between a jail and a crematorium, and Gandhi believed that a satyagrahi has invariably to go to either place. Mohandas Gandhi said, “This is the right place for our activities to carry on the search for truth and develop fearlessness, for on one side are the iron bolts of the foreigners, and on the other the thunderbolts of Mother Nature.”

While at the ashram, Gandhi formed a tertiary school that focused on manual labor, agriculture, and literacy, in order to advance his efforts for the nation’s self-sufficiency. It was also from here that on 12 March 1930, Gandhi marched to Dandi, 241 miles from the ashram, with 78 companions in protest at the British Salt Law, which increased the taxes on Indian salt in an effort to promote sales of British salt in India.

It was this march and the subsequent illegal production of salt (Gandhi boiled up some salty mud in seawater) that spurred hundreds of thousands across India to join in, either in the illegal production, buying or selling of salt. This mass civil disobedience in turn

led to the jailing of some 60,000 freedom fighters by the British Raj over the following three weeks. Subsequently, the government seized the ashram. Gandhi later asked the Government to give it back but they were not willing to do this. He had by then already decided on 22 July 1933 to disband the ashram, which then became a deserted place after the detention of so many. Then local citizens decided to preserve it.

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